Mayor’s Corner

Mayor’s Message

Comilla City Corporation is a newly created city corporation. Its population size is 500 thousand and area 53.04 sq km. Due to rapid urbanization the demands of services like waste management, maintenance of drainage system, street lighting, water supply, communication, recreation etc is in increasing rapidly. We are committed to provide quality services to our city dwellers and we are working to make them delightful.

In order to serve the people of Comilla City Corporation collective effort is a must. Without the help of Central government, central government’s other departments working within the territory of Comilla city corporation, Non-Government Organizations, Civil Society and Development Partners it is very hard to enhance the quality of life of the city dwellers, to ensure their security, to face the challenges regarding traffic, housing, poverty, gender in coming days .

Let us build a planned beautiful green city and keep it neat and clean.

Thank you.